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April 11, 2013, Amerind Foundation presents the Colonial Spanish Horse.

November 17, Buenos Aires Wildlife Park's Grasslands Festival will feature two Colonial Spanish Horses.

October 25 2012, Tohono Chul Park in Tucson, AZ
will feature an exhibit on the "Horses of the Southwest."  Leo and Rickie both Colonial Spanish horses will make appearances at Tohono Chul Park on October 25 and 27

September 15, 2012,
the Spanish Barb Horse Association will present the Colonial Spanish Horse at the 4th Annual Southern Arizona Horse Expo in Oracle, AZ.  Come and see the horses!


Press Kit

Welcome, to the website for the State of Arizona's Heritage Horse.  On March 3, 2011, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer designating the Colonial Spanish Horse as Arizona's State Heritage Horse.  This declaration acknowledged the Colonial Spanish Horse's place in the history of Arizona.  The Colonial Spanish Horse has been a part of the history of Arizona since 1540 when Francisco Coronado crossed Arizona on these wonderful horses from Spain.

From 1687 to 1704 Father Eusebio Francisco Kino, ”The Padre on Horseback”, built 22 missions from Northern Mexico to Arizona.  Father Kino credited much of his success to the stamina of the Colonial Spanish Horse.

The Spanish Colonial Horse was the common mount for the Native American and as such was targeted in the late 1800s during the Anglo expansion in North America. The practice of shooting the stallions, replacing them with ‘blooded’ or ‘draft’ stallions in an attempt to ‘improve’ the feral herds caused its near extinction. Their salvation is largely due to the efforts of the The Spanish Barb Horse Association, Spanish Mustang Registry, the Bureau of Land Management, and other concerned individuals. Please refer to “North American Colonial Spanish Horse Update” by Dr. D. Phillip Sponenberg for details.

Called The World's Noblest Horse, the Colonial Spanish Horse is an extraordinary breed, with North African Berber origins. This agile desert breed was crossed with the Iberian horses of Spain and Spanish Jennet horses, resulting in a regal yet versatile breed. Famous by the Middle Ages and much sought after by the Royal Stud farms of Europe, a Royal Edict charged the Spanish Conquistadores with introducing the Colonial Spanish Horse to the New World through the Caribbean. The Colonial Spanish Barb became the horse of choice among early Spanish settlers, later the Mexican vaqueros and ultimately the cowboy.

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